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Medical Screening Services, Inc. - Pioneers of Healthbot-ID : Available In 2017

Biometric Positive ID Health Kiosk
New Technology Delivers Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data & Facilitates
Accurate Health Incentive Rewards Programs


Healthbot-ID is the world's first Biometric Positive ID-enabled health monitoring kiosk. WIFI enabled, the kiosk utilizes facial recognition or fingerprint for positive identification, then quickly encrypts and stores user data in the cloud, providing the user access to their reading results history from any Healthbot-ID kiosk in our system.

Healthbot ID

Healthbot-ID monitor records blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and computes body mass index.  The Positive ID feature speeds user login and is ready to help you record goals, then accurately gather and assign data related to your company or client-centered health incentive rewards program.



The Positive ID Triple Test Kit™ (TTK™) utilizes much of the same software technology offered in our popular public sit-down kiosks and is being developed for personal at-home use. Click to learn more.


Medical Screening Services, Inc. is an expert in this field with thousands of health monitoring kiosks already in service in retail locations, fitness centers, health centers, and businesses.The Healthbot-ID is the next generation in user oriented self-attended health monitoring systems.

By the end of 2017, all aspects of our ID system are expected to be available options on the already commercially available FDA 510K-cleared Healthbot Health Station. Since introduction in 2016, the Healthbot has already become a successful part of corporate wellness programs and clinical screening initiatives across the United States and Canada. The Healthbot allows users to measure their blood pressure, heart rate, weight and BMI. They can then view and analyze their historical measurements on any Healthbot, their smartphone or the Healthbot website, or they can direct their data to various health and wellness software platforms. The software is also available to transmit results to a user’s Mobile App, as well as select health and wellness providers for the purpose of appending results to their electronic health records (EHR).  

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